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The Calling is about a small family trying to make a living and gets an opportunity to escape the madness by completing a near impossible task. The series is based on fiction with a sprinkle of real life events.


Sitting on this comic since the dark year of 2020, the inspiration comes from when the creator herself lived in an apartment that she and her family swore was haunted (and, you know, since everyone was stuck watching tv there might have been some shows and movies to inspire this as well).

Psychological, thrilling, heart-stopping, bone-chilling, and a dash of dark comedy, these are what people have describe "The Calling" to be. If that sounds like something that'll peak your interest, head over to Tapas or Webtoon now.

Official Summary of The Series:

Many moons ago, children were being born with powers that connect them to the supernatural, and the government took action to keep them at bay. Now, in the present time, a small family is called upon by the government to help keep the strange things in this world under control, and in return they would leave them alone to live in peace forever. Sounds like a deal but again, The unnatural things in this world should not be disturbed. 


Starting off with just doing fan comics and art, the young author in her early twenties has officially branched out into doing something she loves. With many original ideas written down and locked away in a book, this was the first one she decided to show to the world.

The creator has always mixed her ideas with realism and fiction, like mixing together her small home town with a graphic novel she finished in one sitting. Her avatar, which everyone in the webcomic business has, is inspired similar to this way as well. The creator, who dubs herself "SkyFallSlayer", has birthed the name from a nickname she got as a kid, and the avatar represents the time she trained in martial arts and an online character she played once. It also represents her love for Japanese culture, which she got through manga and anime, where in their culture the fox (aka, Kistune) is a very spiritual, intelligent, and lucky creature. They always say more tails mean more wisdom.

Although Japan usually advises the mystical "Nine-Tailed Fox", it didn't exactly look great when trying to draw it on the avatar. So three tails will do for now since they do say "Three is the magic number".

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